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The Top 5 Apps for Health Optimizers

New Tools: (Walk Fit, Intermittent Fasting, Wim Hof, Sleep Cycle, UV Index)


We exist in a world where our lives come and go through our mobile phones. Naturally, this brings about some good things which we can take advantage of.

Health optimization has come a long way, allowing for tracking our real-time progress, for better focus, increasing our efficiency, while elevating our motivation.

These are the apps I use and love as a daily health optimizer and biohacker. Whether you use these specific apps or an alternative, what’s important is to use something, at least in the beginning until you have consistency and automation working for you.

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The Four Corners for Optimizing Our Mood, Energy, and Physical Health

1) Daily Exercise

2) Intermittent Fasting

3) A Daily Practice (Mine is the Wim Hof Method)

4) Sleeping

1) Map My Fitness



As one of my many biohacking experiments, I gave up my gym membership for the first time as an adult well over a year ago. I was curious about whether I could stay in shape without a gym.

Immediately, I fell in love with walking. All it took was my beloved electronic music, my favorite mood, and energy “stack”, and it was a “go-go-go.”

This app is my favorite health optimization app ever. This simple app logs your miles annually and allows you to compete with other users nationwide.

recent study finds a 30-minute walk improves blood pressure as effectively as blood pressure medication. Under Armour also offers versions of this app for running and biking.

Will you join me in this challenge?

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2) Zero Fasting


As someone who struggled with treatment-resistant major depression virtually his entire adult life, discovering the value of intermittent fasting was one of the most important daily practices, allowing me to break free of it. Fasting is proving itself to slow down the COMT enzyme, responsible for the production of dopamine, which is increasingly being viewed as a cause of treatment-resistant depression.

With intermittent fasting, the single best advice I can give is to think of it in terms of sustainability. It still works with a little cheating and 90% execution over time is better than 100% and failing.

Get my biohacker tips and tricks to making intermittent fasting easy. While I no longer use an app for intermittent fasting because of extreme automation, Zero Fasting is the highest-rated app because of its ease of use.

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3) Wim Hof Guided


The Wim Hof Method is another critically valuable health optimization practice. The core of the method involves cold therapy with a specific deep breathing method.

Read how I used the Wim Hof Method to help change my life. Also helpful is my Wim Hof YouTube playlist.

While I likewise no longer need the app, many health optimizers find it helpful at least in the beginning. Enjoy this one and please don’t skip the cold therapy.

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4) Sleep Cycle


This app is another tracking app that will help you determine the quality of your sleep. According to the app maker, an 82% sleep quality rating is the target for optimal sleep.

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5) UV Lens


More and more studies are confirming the toxicity of standard sunscreens in the human body. This app is fantastic because it determines the UV index and the amount of exposure time until you burn.

As a fair-skinned individual, I use it often. Read sunscreen labels and if not using a zinc-based sunscreen, at the very minimum use only products with no “oxybenzone,” the most toxic sunscreen chemical.

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Hopefully, this gives you some new health optimization tools.

What is your favorite health optimization app?

Would you leave us a comment below?

Your Friend in Health

Mark Stein

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