The Most Popular Adaptogen Supplements

Why these Ancient “Medicines” are making a Major Comeback:

Astragalus (Astragalus Membranaceus)


Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi)


Black Seed Oil




Gingko Biloba




Other Ginseng Types 


Eleuthero: Siberian Ginseng  


Maca: Peruvian “Ginseng”


Suma: Brazilian Ginseng


Tongkat Ali: Indonesian Ginseng


Mucuna Pruriens: (L-DOPA for Parkinson’s)


Rhodiola Rosea (Rosavins vs Salidrosides)


Medicinal Mushroom Supplements

Chaga: The antioxidant mushroom supplement.


Cordyceps: The energy mushroom supplement.


Lion’s Mane (BDNF): The cognitive mushroom supplement. 


Reishi: The relaxation mushroom supplement.


Shiitake: The cardiovascular mushroom supplement.


Turkey Tail: The immune and cancer mushroom supplement.


Other Notable Adaptogens 

Bilberry: #1 adaptogenic supplement for eye health. 


Boswellia #1 or 2 adaptogen supplement for inflammation/ arthritis. 


Black Elderberry: #1 adaptogenic supplement for cold, flu, bacterial, and viral. 


Aged Garlic Extract (AGE): #1 or 2 adaptogen supplement for cardiovascular, nitric oxide. 


Ginger: #1 nausea adaptogenic supplement. 

Licorice: Top cortisol increasing (hypotension) adaptogen supplement. 


Milk Thistle (Silymarin) #1 or 2 adaptogenic supplement liver health.


Lavender: #1 or 2 adaptogenic supplement for anxiety.  


Oil of Oregano (OOO) #1 adaptogen supplement for bacteria, fungi, and parasites.



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Top 5 Antihistamine Supplements:


Quercetin [R,R,R]


Stinging Nettle [R,R]


Vitamin C [R,R,R,R]


Green Tea (EGCG) [R,R,R]


Astragalus [R,R,R,R]


Top Notables


Allicin (Pure Extract from Garlic Only) [R]


Berberine [R]


Black Seed Oil [R,R,R,R,R]


Boswellia [R,R,R,R,R,R]


Bromelain [R]


Butterbur [R]


Forskolin [R,R,R,R,R]


NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) [R]


Neem [R]


Oil of Oregano [R]


Omega-3 [R]


Olive Leaf Extract [R]


Natural Antihistamine Foods:


Apigenin [R,R,R]


Fisetin [R,R,R]


Kaempferol [R,R]


Luteolin [R,R,R,R]


Myricetin [R,R,R]


Rutin [R,R,R,R]