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Discovering Peace During Uncertain Times (Coronavirus) Part 1 of 3

This is not a rosy picture story, nor is this a story about doom and gloom. As we are moving into chaos, the message is clear; “it will be okay.” This is a story about finding peace and certainty from uncertainty. As this is a four-part series, this first part will explain why and how we can come to a place of acceptance. The second part will discuss why we should act now, and not later. In the third part, we will discuss how to take even more confidence in the biological systems of our body to guide and protect us along the way.

As of March 2020, the world finds itself in a fast-growing global pandemic involving the COVID-19, Coronavirus. For now, let’s agree to set aside the origin of the outbreak. Likewise, let’s set aside the actual health risk, as that is a matter of public record. We will focus on why and how we can realize immediate peace and confidence, despite such intense uncertainty.

I have always loved history. I love reading and learning about the stories that shaped the people and places of our world. There is something striking when you look at history. There is a very obvious pattern to global historical events. History seems to repeat itself… over and repeatedly.

Cyclical history is no more obvious than when looking at the history of human disease and conquest. As you look back upon our history, it becomes clear that we have an extensive history of ongoing disease. In fact, experience shows we have had one outbreak after another, and this is just part of the human experience. This is not a relativist argument to create misdirection. This just points our attention to the obvious. Don’t believe me?

Take a quick scan of our history.

Despite some significantly more deadly worldwide diseases such as the Spanish Flu, Bubonic Plague, and HIV/AIDS, which have brought the world to its knees, we have still thrived despite otherwise dark the times. We have left with no other conclusion other than that humans are remarkably resilient and that nothing has prevented our continued growth and evolution.

As we take in a breath of reality and realize that “it’s darkest before dawn.” It can remind us that events only feel scary when they are new, and anything new creates uncertainty. Uncertainty is subjectively rather than rationally experienced as fear. We are experiencing this event at this moment, so remind yourself that this too shall pass. We have gotten through the other outbreaks, and we will get through this too. To quote a close friend, “at a cosmic scale, this will be just a fart in the wind.” We are all in this together. We will come together. And it will be okay.